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You’re a brand new teacher,

ready and eager to inspire your students.


Then comes the busy work. 


The “mentorship” that piles on the paperwork. The “I’m just trying to stay afloat this year and I want to keep growing as an educator but OH-MY-GOSH-how-do-I-keep-up-with-all-these-meetings-and-worksheets?” mentorship. 


Here’s where I come in. Cue the sigh of relief!


I’m Lorraine, and I’m here to be your personal mentor teacher, on the go, without the nonsense!


I’m just someone who is passionate about teaching and is on a mission to help other educators feel confident as they continually develop their craft.


Helpful is my heart…


It’s been clear since the start of my career that I have a unique way of teaching - a way that inspires students to keep learning, but just as importantly inspires the teacher down the hall to ask, “Hey, how did you teach that?” or “Hey, what was that resource you mentioned?” 


Lifelong learning is my passion, whether for myself, my students, or my fellow educators.


There is always something to reflect on, new research in best practices, or something inspiring happening in the changes of the world. It is our duty as educators to never stop learning - never stop blooming - so we can continually teach to the best of our abilities.


Here at Apple Blossom Teachers, I am here to help YOU grow. 


Whether through the short-and-sweet podcast episodes bringing you actionable ways to power up your pedagogy, or through the resources and personal mentorships customized to your needs, I am here for you and your students.


 As someone who has held a variety of school and district leadership roles, I come to you with a wide range of experience in varying subjects, grade levels, school demographics, curricular models, and more. 


My experience as a mentor teacher, both in formal partnerships and in the form of “let me ask Lorraine!,” has helped me really fine tune how I help other educators become their very best.


I’m not here to make 1000 Mrs. Padilla carbon copies (that’s my at-school-name, by the way!). I am here to help YOU reflect on YOUR practice, your students’ needs, and the ways in which you can push your teaching craft bit by bit to bloom into the best teacher you can be - the teacher more students and more schools need!


I’m so happy you’re here, committed to growing into the best teacher you can be! Lean on me for advice, support, and reflections. I’m here for it. I’m here for YOU!


Let’s get growing.


All my best,


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