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Ditch the reading logs! Try this instead...

(TLDR - reading logs don't work, but this FREE printable bookshelf can!)

Traditional reading logs - we've all seen them, used them, most likely fibbed on them...GASP!


It's the truth though - in every post I see about reading logs, so many teachers and parents share anecdotes about how they have encouraged fibbing, even from voracious readers, because it's just something extra to fill out.


For students who have not grown to love reading yet, they may Google some book titles and info to jot down.


For busy families, they might fill in a generic amount and info on Monday and sign it for the week.


For students who read for an hour under their covers with a flashlight, they may just fib so they don't forget after they fall asleep reading!


We do know that keeping track of what we read can be helpful - it allows us to see patterns in our preferences of authors, genres, styles; it helps us remember what we might recommend to others; it gives us a sense of accomplishment when we realize, "Hey, I actually HAVE read quite a bit!"


So what can we do instead that helps students reflect on this information and gives us insight into their reading life as their teacher? Try these personal bookshelves!

These personal “bookshelves” can help students track their reading in a more purposeful way.


They can be used to notice patterns in reading preferences, add book titles as a “TBR (to-be-read) List, and even track genre patterns.


It’s also a great way to let student personalities shine through what knickknacks they add to their bookshelves!

How can you use it?

Have students fill in book titles as they start a book. When they’re finished, they can color it in. They can also add titles for books they want to read after book talks or peer recommendations. You may also just want to have them outline the spine for books they started but decided weren’t for them. Overall, it’s a great conversation starter for reading conferences and reading life chats!

Grab this printable template

to get started right away!

Click here to download & print the templates!

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