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Lorraine is detail oriented and always has creative ideas or adjustments for lessons that end up being what sparks the student engagement and collaboration. I am always so thankful for her advice because those easy adjustments were always the highlight of the lesson for students as well as my University Supervisors. She is constantly in communication with the influential teaching world - finding out what ACTUALLY works - on social media and personally, and has ideas and best-practice updates that professors and other teachers often don’t keep up with. If you’re ever in a lesson planning rut, a quick listen to Mrs. Padilla is sure to help you shape your lessons and knock them out of the park!

-Irish B.

Lorraine is my go-to person for anything #TeacherLife related! Even now as a 5th year teacher, I often seek out Lorraine’s perspective on situations I’m working through. What makes her so approachable is her genuine passion and knowledge about teaching, as well as her laid back attitude. She’s professional but in a way that makes you feel as though you’re just chatting with a friend. Her creativity and dedication to self-growth make her a credible source for keeping your teaching current, impactful, and fun!

-Melissa P.


“What I admire most about Lorraine is her constant desire to learn something new to not only better her own teaching but also to have a positive impact on her students. She is always there for me when I need someone to bounce ideas off of, and is the perfect person to collaborate with! Additionally, Lorraine has helped me to further develop my lessons and projects in a way that both engages students and at the same time helps them reach the desired learning outcome.”

-Robin Y.

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